9 Chiyo


A young mage, who is still weak and ignorant to the world, but she has a big talent and improves fast. Her abilitys are mostly magic spells of different elements. She used to live a peaceful life in Amagal, until the Earl gained more power and suddenly things went for worse in the country.

Location: Can be found in the „Amagal castle“ (Map no. 18)

Skills: Fire, Spark, Blizzard (level 7+), Thunderstorm (level 13+)

Traits: Cane, Magic, General/Magic Armor

Elements: No special effects

Favorite present: Book

Relationship scenes location:

First Scene: Catch her while changing when entering her room with 30+ relationship. its advise to have a book in the inventory since when the scene is over you recieve - 10 relationship

Second Scene: Not implemented yet.

Third Scene: Not implemented yet.