Description Edit

After some unusual events you can become the king of Central.

Location Edit

Obtained automaticly after completing Training (2).

Steps Edit

- Move to the castle

- Talk to the ministers

Guide Edit

  1. After the conversation go south towards the world map.
  2. Go south east towards the castle (Aldlyn).
  3. Depending from with side you enterd the city, go to the middle of the map and the castle.
  4. Go towards the Doorman, initiate a conversation and walk past him and go to the next map.
  5. Walk up the stairs and wait to be introduced by Trey.
  6. Talk with the four ministers, Günter (army), Theremis (diplomat), Thor (blacksmith) and Sir Edward (construction) to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Quests: Bordertown (after spreaking with Günther).

Quest: Old Barracks (after spreaking with Sir Edward and chose to talk).

Experience: 150