4 Mira

Mira: The angel Mira is really weak, but even if she can't fight very well, her healing ability is still a valuable addition to every party. She is always cheerful and loves to help people, but there seems to be quite a big shadow hidden behind that smile.

Location: Can be found in the Abandoned barrack (Map no. 4)

Skills: Heal, Small Light, Cure, Panic

Traits: Cane, Magic, General/Magic Armor

Elements: Light (25%)

Favorite present: Golden Cross

Relationship scenes location:

First Scene: Talk to the dark sorceress at the farm south (Map. no. 13). Requires quest No. 32 in order to get to the sorceress.

Second Scene: Talk to her in the sleeping chambers. Scene requires the Icespirit Quest (Quest no. 25), Mira on level 15+, relationship on 70+ and Headmaid Ryia must have shown you the secret room next to your bedroom.

Third Scene: Not implemented yet.