You require at least 10 partymember for the splitting scene on the 4th floor of map no. 11.


Obtained when going to the left bottom corner in the 4th floor of map no. 12 with less than 10 partymember. If you have the needed amount of 10 partymember, the quest is skipped.


Return with at least 10 party member.


750 exp

You will also get 1 Earring in a treasure box, a Talisman based on who you bring with you, and some relationship points:

Tsubaki: AIM; +10% hit rate

Trey: Protection; -10% enemy Phy damage

Mira: Healing; +10 recieved healing

Vampire: Magic; +10% mag damage

Mire: Speed; +10% agi

Sandra: Nothing, She even takes the Earring.

Brad: Speed; +10% agi

Chiyo: Magic; +10% mag damage

Elly: Aim; +10% hit rate

Ryoko: Greed; +5% crit rate

Kayelinth: Fire; +10% Phy damage