2 Tsubaki


A cheerful girl but none the less dangerous. She trained swordsmanship for most of her life, as it is tradition in her family. When Ryen joined the military academy and soon became it's strongest, she started to hang around and train with him a lot in hope to learn from him. Since killing is no problem to her, she was fine with Ryens sometimes problematic attitude. 

Skills: Dual Attack, Whirlwind (level 7+)

Traits: Katana, Increased hit chance, General/Light/Heavy Armor

Elements: No special effects

Favorite present: Book

Relationship scenes location:

First Scene: At the start of the game.

Second Scene: At the sleeping chamber with 60+ relationship, previous quests done (Q. no. 10) and Headmaid Ryia must have shown you the hidden room.

Third Scene: Not implemented yet.